STRAY is the story of a young man, a former superhero sidekick, trying to find his way back to being a hero. Created by Vito Delsante and Sean Izaakse, with colors by Ross Campbell and Simon Gough, and with book design by Jonathan Morris, STRAY was first published as a four issue mini-series released in January 2015 by Action Lab Entertainment. 

Catch Up on ALL of Stray's Adventures

The character of Stray has appeared in the following books, all of which are available to order at your local comic shop. Alternatively, you can also order via OR through

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Collecting the first mini-series, WHO KILLED THE DOBERMAN? can be ordered at your local comic shop using the Diamond order code MAR150843.

Cover by Emmy and Ringo Award winner, Dean Haspiel


Collecting the first EVER creator-owned superhero weekly comic book mini-series, ACTIONVERSE can be ordered at your local comic shop using Diamond code APR161124.

Cover by Sean Izaakse


Collecting the second mini-series, THE ROTTWEILER YEARS looks back at Stray's origin. Diamond order code JAN181092.

Cover by Sean Izaakse

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The FIRST EVER Stray action figure from Fresh Monkey Fiction! More info and updates can be found on the FMF Facebook Page.

STRAY is ™ & © Vito Delsante and Sean Izaakse