What To See When You're Looking

Figured I'd post something here to give youse guys an idea of what there is to see here, if you're poking around.

  • Stray - Mostly links to order the trades, but a sneak peek at the upcoming action figure from Fresh Monkey Studios AND the Stray theme song by Yannick Florest (which you can also download).
  • Golden Guard - Just the cover image, but more to come.
  • The Purple Heart - Redirect to the LINE Webtoon site, specifically the Purple Heart chapters
  • Midnight Tiger - Redirect to the Action Lab Entertainment site
  • Soul Bride Outlaw - logo treatment and copyright info
  • Gemini - Collage of designs
  • Milestone - The first issue cover by Andy Smith; more to come
  • Monolith - logo treatment and copyright info
  • Home of the Brave - logo treatment and copyright info
  • Eagle Force: 1942 - redirect to the Eagle Force Returns Facebook page

So, I'm getting things back up and going, but taking my time. Expect to have more in the way of content by September.

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