GEMINI will make its debut at the

2019 Baltimore Comic Con!

Created by Vito Delsante and Lee Gaston, GEMINI is about an alien hero who is the most powerful being in the universe, but is unaware of the damage he is doing to his world. Below are initial sketches and finished art by Lee. This project has no release date or format as of yet, but we will update you soon. Until then, feel free to click each picture to see them larger. Enjoy!

Lee's first Gemini design. Lots of potential here, but we both agreed we wanted a hero with a face.

Ditah, Gemini's wife

Bruq, the most dangerous being in the universe

Captain Klye, Gemini's closest comrade

One of the initial Gemini designs with the three star designs. We went with two stars to match the "gemini" theme

Three possible hairstyles for Gemini


Playing with possible facial hair. Mustaches are always cool

GEMINI is ™ & © Vito Delsante and Lee Gaston

GEMINI is ™ & © Vito Delsante and Lee Gaston